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The Long Road Into Darkness - Michael J. McCann
A Tom Faust Crime Novel

When Tom Faust retires after a successful career as an Ontario Provincial Police homicide investigator, he finds himself at loose ends. To give himself something to do and to head off an increased reliance on alcohol, Tom buys a decommissioned country church in Peterborough County, Ontario, Canada to renovate as a home -- his final stop, the place where he'll make his last stand.

When someone hangs a body from the rafters, however, he realizes his homicide investigation days are far from over. He accepts a contract offer from a Toronto security and intelligence consulting firm as a private investigator in order to gain access to the ongoing police investigation, but when the victim is identified as a former suspect in a mass murder he once investigated, Tom must re-open the files of a 17-year-old cold case to track down a killer who has returned to his brutal ways.

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